How Reiki Changed my life…

My first experience of Reiki was in 1996 when I was finding ways to heal my heart after giving birth to a little stillborn baby girl. At the time, I really felt as though my heart was so broken and I was frightened that I would never overcome the grief that seemed to consume me. I admit that there were moments where the grief was so painful and intense that I entertained thoughts of giving up living. In an attempt to overcome this, I began reading books about Angels and I kept asking them to help me. Not long afterwards, I came across a New Age magazine in a coffee shop and read an advertisement about a Reiki Healing Session. The lady offering the sessions had a connection to Angels and this is what eventually led me making an appointment with her.

As this was a new experience for me, I did feel a little nervous leading up to the session. However, the moment I met my Reiki therapist, I felt an immediate sense of calm. After briefly sharing my story of grief with her, I was invited to lie down upon a massage table and covered with soft blankets. I felt incredible warmth emanating from the hands of this gentle woman as she placed them over the main energy centers of my body and especially my heart. As soft music played, candles flickered and water flowed from a soothing water fountain, I seemed to drift in and out of a meditative and deeply relaxing state that was so peaceful.

When the session was complete, the lovely lady told me all about the Angels that surrounded me and that I would also be offering Reiki Healing Sessions and teaching people Reiki. At the time, this information was rather overwhelming as I simply saw myself as a Secondary School Teacher just wanting to heal her heart.

However, immediately after that Reiki Healing Session and further Reiki Sessions that followed, I noticed that I began to feel calmer and more positive in my everyday life. Although, sadness would occasionally creep upon me in unexpected moments, I began to allow myself to be happy and look forward to the future. I also began connecting even more profoundly with the Angels and meditating more deeply than I had before.

Nine years later, after leaving full time teaching and embracing motherhood, I received my initiation into Reiki. I have now been offering Reiki Healing Sessions for ten years and the sense of fulfillment I regularly experience by witnessing how this beautiful healing modality can change the physical, mental and emotional states of my clients is so rewarding!

Also, one of the best benefits to learning Reiki is that I can give myself a Reiki Self-Treatment every day and even Reiki my food, drink and environment!

When you realize that everything is energy, it’s amazing how filling yourself up with high vibrational energy is essential to live a truly healthy, happy and balanced life.

If you would like to radiate healing energy that soothes yourself and others, opens your intuition, strengthens your connection to the Angelic realm and brings peace wherever you go, you may like to consider learning Reiki.