Manifesting Treasures…

 Imagine, in this present moment, that your Future Self could communicate to you from across time and space… What would your Future Self tell you?

I like to imagine that our Future Selves are further down the path always calling us forward; to rise up from past challenges and disappointments, to learn greater skills that will assist us, to make ready for positive changes that are on the horizon and leaving us signs of encouragement along the way.

“In your heart of hearts you know that you deserve to enjoy an abundantly happy and meaningful life and that this is part of your Divine Purpose…”These are the words that I imagine our Future Selves would say in joyful and light-filled tones to awaken the blossoming of new beginnings….

The first time I created a treasure map was in the winter of 2003. I was sitting in a large workshop space trying to decide what I wanted to manifest into my life. I was feeling a little anxious as I realized that I had never dared to ask the Universe what I really deeply wanted. I’d been following the safe and secure path of my life from one stage to another feeling generally good about my decisions and progression; complete secondary school, aim to get good grades, attend university, find employment as a secondary school teacher, get married and start a family. At the time, I was a stay- at- home- mum  deciding whether I ought to go back to the full time secondary school teaching that I enjoyed, or whether I really ought to consider following the very different path of teaching meditation that seemed to ignite the passions of my heart and soul. My ego told me I was crazy to even consider something that wasn’t secure and perhaps just an indulgent dream. My heart whispered that I would love going in the direction of the unknown… So, I dared to cut out images that symbolically represented the sort of life that I wanted to call forth like an angel with a harp, a beautiful pair of  healing hands creating the shape of a heart with rays of light, a woman relaxing upon a massage table to symbolize healing and rejuvenation etc.  It was only in hindsight, that I realized that my Future Self was guiding me to place images not just for meditation, but for the Reiki Healing that I would be initiated into within the next eighteen months and the business name under which I would work! Each image that I pasted upon my treasure map seemed to be an affirmative response to the ideas that my Future Self planted in my imagination and heart. It is with a sense of awe, that thirteen years later, I’m writing about my experience in a newsletter for my well-established business  called Harp to Heart Healing!

Something really powerful occurs when we find the courage to ask the universe what we want…

When you create a Treasure Map you’re not only helping to make your dreams and goals more tangible but forming an energetic bond with what you want. The Treasure Map acts as a guiding light or a north star – helping you realize and commit to your personal vision and acts as a little energy vortex – that tells your subconscious mind what to focus on and create in your outer world.

There are so many stories that I could share with you about those who have manifested their dreams from attending the Treasure Mapping Workshops I have facilitated over the years, however, I will share two with you. In the very first Treasure Mapping Workshop I ever facilitated, there was a woman who almost did not attend as she was grieving from a relationship break-up that occurred only the night before! The minute I met this woman, I knew her Future Self was encouraging her to be present at the workshop. With tears streaming down her face, she cut out the image of a happy, romantic couple and pasted it on her treasure map along with written words that arose from the previous meditation she had experienced. I remember checking if she was okay; she told me that she didn’t know how she would even manifest a new relationship but intuitively felt that there must be something better than the traumatic relationship that had just ended. Eight months later, I received a telephone call from the same woman informing me that she was very happy and in a beautiful, soulmate relationship with a man who she had considered her ‘best friend’ since childhood. Apparently, the new man had secretly loved her more than just a friend for many years and finally had the courage to tell her. It’s been nine years and they ‘re still happily in love! In the same workshop, there was another woman who had been trying so hard to conceive a child and was almost giving up all hope as doctors had told her that her chances were very slim. Like the previous woman, she found an image of her heart’s desire and placed a beautiful picture of a mother and child as the main focus of her treasure map along with words that arose from the meditation she had experienced. The same woman also placed an image of a new home on her treasure map as she was living in a small flat with her husband that did not have the space to cater for a growing family. The following year, she called me to announce that she had moved into a wonderful new home with everything she had placed on her treasure map! Another year later, I visited her and spent an afternoon cuddling her newborn baby!

These are just a few of  many stories that have manifested from those who have dared to envision a better future for themselves by creating a treasure map. I always feel so blessed to witness the positive changes that inevitably occur through this powerful process. Life is really meant to be filled with joy!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau