003 Meditation profile“I want you to discover your magnificence and create joy ripples throughout all the areas of your life…”

Norma embarked on the path of healing when she began exploring her inner-world through meditation and creative journaling many years ago. Fascinated about the way positive transformation occurs from the inside-out, Norma is passionate about guiding others to discover this life-changing wisdom!

Twenty-two years ago, while teaching in a private, secondary girls’ school, Norma was given the opportunity to teach meditation. Here, she witnessed positive changes in the behavior, performance and attitude of adolescents who learned to meditate. This inspired Norma to learn more about the practice of meditation and commit to a meditation teacher training course for eighteen months. Since that time, Norma has been bringing the gift of meditation to many people of all ages.

Currently, she’s offering a wonderful monthly Meditation and Creative Journal Therapy called Time For me  Norma also enjoys facilitating meditation classes for staff or students in secondary schools as well as various other groups including meditation for the work-place. She is also available for Individual Meditation Classes that meet the specific needs of those who wish to explore meditation in a more personal way.

On the path Norma has been traveling, she has also studied various healing modalities that can positively transform your life. Through the Reiki Method of Healing, she has had the opportunity to work with those experiencing cancer and regularly has clients recommended to her by Professor Avni Sali, Founding Director of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (N.I.I.M.). If you would like to experience a short meditation that Norma recorded for the National Institute of Intergrative Medicine, please click here. Norma is also a Reiki Master Teacher and offers Reiki Courses for those who wish to follow this rewarding healing path. Her love of Aromatherapy has also led her to take a course in Aromatic Kineisiology so she can bring increased healing benefits to her clients. Norma is also a facilitator and trainer in SoulCollage®; a powerful, creative process that really helps you to live with greater authenticity and self-awareness. More recently, Norma has learned Magnified Healing that works with the loving and compassionate energy of Kwan Yin to bring profound and positive changes to the lives of many people. 

By observing the great need for restoring balance and meaning to stressed, busy, contemporary lifestyles, Norma also has a passion for facilitating Seasonal Rituals to provide Medicine for the Soul by Reconnecting to the Wisdom Within Mother Earth’s Seasons…

Central to all her work is playing the Celtic Harp. Norma has observed that as an instrument of healing, the Harp really intensifies the meditative, healing and balancing process as each string carries a powerful vibration that resonates with the energy centers or chakras in the body promoting harmony. 

Norma enjoys witnessing the positive transformation of many people who have attended her meditations, healing sessions, workshops, rituals and retreats.  She looks forward to guiding you to bring more peace, self-love  and happiness to your life!


Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Education, Accredited Meditation Teacher, Accredited Reiki Teacher and Practitioner (Master Level 3), SoulCollage® Facilitator, Accredited Certificate in Aromatic Kinesiology. Magnified Healing Practitioner and Teacher.