Time to awaken and blossom…

Connecting with the Wheel of the Year and celebrating the seasons is a divine way to honour Mother Earth and rediscover the sacred wisdom encoded within you.

This month, as the Spring Equinox arrives, it brings a wonderful opportunity to awaken radiance, joy, and flourishing in your life!

The Spring Equinox signifies a time of equal day and night when the veils between the spiritual and physical worlds are thin.

In this mystical space, the Goddess returns from the Underworld ushering in new life and fresh beginnings.

This is the moment to…

  • Connect with your inner maiden
  • Release what no longer serves you
  • Plant the seeds of your heart’s desires
  • Discover beauty and enchantment
  • Activate your feminine power

Join us for the Spring Equinox Sacred Circle, a wonderful opportunity to cleanse your vibrational frequency, open your heart to love, gain profound insights, and experience a deep sense of renewal.

Thoughtfully crafted meditations, rituals, chanting, dance, and the mesmerising sounds of the Celtic Harp will guide you on this transformative journey!

We’re also excited to offer a beautiful selection of sacred heart and handcrafted products available for purchase during the evening, allowing you to infuse the magic of the season into your daily life. And, of course, delicious seasonal fare will add that festive touch to the celebration!

If you feel the call to awaken to the joy of new beginnings, join us on Thursday, the 21st of September at 7.00pm to celebrate and receive the blessings of the Spring Equinox!

I’m looking forward to seeing you and guiding you at this time of dynamic transformation!

Many Blessings, Norma xox

Event details:
Thu 21 Sep
7:00 pm
3 hours
In Person

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