As we approach the end of 2023, it’s a perfect moment to align with the profound energy of the Summer Solstice—a time when the longest day and shortest night create spiritual portals, opening the way for magical blessings to unfold!

Amidst the flourishing summer fruits and flowers, the Goddess extends a heartfelt invitation for you to immerse yourself in Her creation-phase, embracing laughter, love, and celebration.

Her presence brings healing to dispel any shadows in your life, fosters spiritual growth, and provides the radiant light needed to nurture the seeds of your deepest desires.

Just before the rise of an enchanting Full Moon, prepare to embark on a journey where you can:

  • Receive Angelic Guidance through a Divine Harp Meditation
  • Open your Spiritual Heart in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony
  • Walk the Healing Labyrinth for Powerful Release and Manifestation
  • Drum Your Heart’s Desires with my special guest through African Djembe Drumming!
  • Connect with Like-Minded Souls

This Summer Solstice marks a potent portal for profound release, celebration, and joy!

We’re also excited to offer a beautiful selection of sacred heart and handcrafted products available for purchase during the evening, allowing you to infuse the magic of the season into your daily life.

And, of course, delicious seasonal fare will add that festive touch to the celebration!

If something here is calling to you, join me on Thursday the 21st of December at 7.00pm to celebrate the blessings of the Summer Solstice!

I’m excited to share this magical time with you!

What women are saying:

“Super welcoming! I immediately felt brighter when entering the space and enjoyed every part of the evening!” Rochelle C

“Tonight’s women’s circle gave me the chance to connect with all the beautiful women that we all are. I’m ready for new beginnings! Very powerful night!” Nicola S

Event details:
Thu 21 Dec
7:00 pm
3 hours
In Person

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