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Harp to Heart Healing is a sacred space where great care is taken for you to feel safe and supported during your treatment.

All personal information is held in the strictest confidence.

Many Blessings, Norma.

Online Sessions

These sessions are conducted online via Zoom or on the phone and are available to anyone around the world.

Fantastic Client Reviews

Norma was so warm, welcoming, and kind to welcome me as a first timer. It was a wonderful experience and a blessing to be able to share the nurture and energies that come. Thank you. Highly recommend.

Ashleigh Lynch

The evening begins and in steps Norma her beautiful spirit gives us an opportunity to participate in Reiki healings share our stories and feel the comfort of like minded souls .......the experience magical every time ...........Norma shares her beautiful wisdom the evening mmmmmmm is a blessing and gratitude..........

Dianne Schmid

I first met Norma in Jan 2024 and had a session with her. It was a beautiful and profound experience. Norma is so gifted in what she does and with that she is loving, generous and holds a sacred space for all her clients. I have also loved attending her meditation circles online. Thank you so much Norma, I am blessed and delighted to be connected with you. Ranji


Norma is one of the kindest souls you’ll meet. Our session was focussed on healing and letting go of negative energy. Weeks have passed and I’ve never felt more content and my cup full in all aspects of myself and in my life. I am truely grateful for her part in my healing journey during this period of time. I truly believe letting go has now manifested so much love and joy back into my life. Will definitely be seeing Norma again and can’t recommend her enough!

Sah V

Thank you so much Norma for all the help. Norma help me in the last 2 session she is willing to listen and help me work though some tough things.

Britt Porter

Words can not express the care, guidance and incredible knowledge shared by Norma during my Reiki Lv 1 training. The experience and insights gained opened me up to a new way of being and a new path ahead. Not only is Norma an incredible and experienced healer, she is a woman who truly embodies a heart centred life and shows deep dedication to her spiritual path. Her approach to teaching is warm, compassionate and gentle and asks us as students to always look within, trust ourselves and re connect with our healer that lies within. I cannot wait to keep growing along my spiritual path, guided by the teachings Norma shares. 🙏🏼💜

Sophia L

magical and uplifting, an experience that leaves one in a state of peace and awe.

Serafina Alberti

Wow amazing 😻 experience love ❤️ it so powerful and you get deep into the meditations self expression, chantings amazing best experience come away from it feeling like a new person new beginning, will do more womens circle ⭕️ and more well worth it thank you Norma your amazing person so glad I’ve meet you see you at the next event these healings are a must for all you go once then you never go any were eles for these.

Amanda mcnamara

Norma is my earth Angel guiding me always. I couldn't do without her.Her recently released music is exquisite, I listen to it every day.Norma thank you for being my guide ❤️ ❤️ ❤️Once again Norma is shining her healing on me. Her methods are impeccable making every minute with her count.Norma thank you for existing and working tirelessly for our benefit ✨️

Maria Rinaldo

Great experience.Norma was amazing .strongly recommended

Maria Alessi

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