Healing Sessions


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Welcome Beautiful Soul…

Choose your Healing Journey from a variety of gentle, nurturing and powerful Healing Sessions to release what no longer serves you, gain clarity, balance and deep rest for your body, mind and spirit…

(Please note that Covid Safe practices are in place for your peace of mind…)


Many Blessings,

Norma x




Reiki Dreaming

Reiki Dreaming is a beautiful one hour Reiki Healing Session to calm and soothe the body, mind and spirit…(click here to learn more…)






Reiki Cocoon of Love

Are you ready to allow yourself to be nurtured, nourished and healed in the most beautiful energy of Divine Love?

A Reiki Cocoon of Love Healing Session is a sacred experience…(click here to learn more…)








Healing Light: Intuitive Guidance and Reiki Rebalance

Allow yourself to be supported as you receive guidance, clarity and healing on your life  journey…

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Magnified Healing®

Magnified Healing ® is a powerful experience. It brings deep soul healing to the heart and a profound sense of peace to the body, mind and spirit…(click here to learn more…)






Triple Goddess Ritual

Are you ready to release past limitations?

Would you like to open your heart to really love & accept yourself?

Just imagine what your life would be like if you could really be the best version of you…

The Triple Goddess Ritual honors the beautiful soul that you are so that you can blossom into the fullness of your being…(click here to learn more…)




Divine Mother Blessing

A Divine Mother Blessing is a beautiful experience for a ‘Mum-to-Be’ and her precious baby…

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Sacred Womb Healing

 Your womb is a sacred container for your creativity and dreaming. A Sacred Womb Healing is a powerful experience where you can discover what is blocking you, release it and re-awaken your innate power to create new life…

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Divine Distance Healing

Reiki and Magnified Healing ® transcend time and can be sent effectively over any distance-even across the globe! Receive the blessings of this special treatment from the comfort of your own home…

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