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Many Blessings, Norma.

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These sessions are conducted online via Zoom or on the phone and are available to anyone around the world.

Fantastic Client Reviews

No words can convey how grateful I am to have found Norma. She offered the insight and healing I sincerely required at this stage in my life. Norma went out of her way to not only provide healing, but also clarity on why and how I can overcome my current challenges. Norma is truly an earth angel, with the most pure energy and loving heart, who is truly powerfully transformative in providing healing to others. Thanking you so much!

Josie Castrucci

I'm resting in wholeness after my magnitude healing session with Norma today. Thank you so very much for holding space and for sharing your light. I instantly felt calmess in your presence and feel much lighter. Thank you for reminding me of what I am capable of achieving for myself xx

Mary-Jane Hamilton

Norma greets with abundant light and warmth..The ambience is one of serenity ,peace and relaxation..Norma is such a beautiful compassionate soul and every healing session as been total bliss..She is truly caring, genuine and makes you feel very special..She is a gifted healer and its been a true blessing to have met her..I sincerely recommend a healing session with Norma her abilities are a true gift to you and for self...Cant wait for my next session...Mena

Mena Vicari

I recently had the privilege of experiencing Reiki healing with an incredibly gifted healer, Norma , and I cannot express how transformative the session was for me.During the session, I felt an extraordinary flow of healing energy , leaving me with a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

Yanling Z.

If you are in Melbourne & looking for a Melbourne Reiki Spiritual Wellness/holistic energy healer, I highly recommend visiting Norma at Harp to Heart healing.

Especially if you are a mother or in the postpartum period after having your baby or planning to have a baby and you are feeling overwhelmed by all the scattered energies you have throughout the day- You definitely need this!This period in my life as a first time mum looking after a young child I felt so run down and low of energy dealing with my baby, I immediately felt such calmness and stillness after having a sacred womb healing session with Norma and over the remaining days, felt lighter in my day to day life. As a mum who is the core unit of running a household, it is so easy to be caught up with all the things you do to care for your child. I appreciate
Norma's beauty of kindness and calm energy to her, She is like an angelic aunty you need in your life that you need to be opened too! She has such great care for you! The room where your reiki session is held is also such a cosy, warm and inviting space, just sitting there brings me an inner calmness when seated on the special seat she has for her clients.There are so many benefits to having Reiki therapy done, such as easing anxiety, depression and negative thought patterns, I look forward to having further Reiki healing done in future at Harp to Happen. After a relaxing session I felt the energetic healing of the removal of all the toxic energies that’s been weighing me down for so long, I highly recommend Norma’s Healing sessions. She has a range of beautiful package sessions to explore and book from on her website!

Christine Tran

From the moment I met Norma and we began talking, I felt as though a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Norma has a beautiful energy which is filled with love and I have never experienced such care before. My reiki session left me feeling energised, happy and relaxed, ready to take on 2024. I can not begin to thank Norma for the time, care and love she has shown me, my well-being was so important to her. Thank you Norma, anyone you work with must consider themselves so lucky to be in the presence of such an extraordinary person.

Miranda Montalti

I had a very uplifting Reiki experience with Norma, she was so pure in energy. It was the third time i've ever tried Reiki and i enjoyed this session the most. I definitely felt lighter afterwards, and she provided a lot of insight towards me as person at the start of the session with a card reading and numerology on my birth date. She also played her harp during the meditation and that was a very different experience, it inspires me to go back to playing a musical instrument. I hope to take her loving and pure energy with me with my day to day and hope to see her again!

Juli Yin

stepping into the celebration of the Summer Solstice is a magical time, opportunity to choose a different path, say yes to your new venture and nourish your soul. Norma invites us into her treasure chest of beauty a night of fun mystery always delightful...........

Dianne Schmid

Saw Norma for the first time last week for an Reiki session and she was incredible. I felt extremely safe and nurtured in her presence and space. I felt instantly understood by her and relaxed throughout our reiki session. I also noticed an instant shift in my emotional state after our session. Can’t wait to come back again soon!


It was so amazing spending the evening healing and connecting with many beautiful caring people who bring warmth and joy to the world. Thank you


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