Learn Reiki Level Two


Reiki- The Path of Healing and Happiness

Are you interested in learning how you can progress further along the healing path and begin to help others professionally?

If you would like to deepen your knowledge and practice of Reiki and even begin offering your services professionally to others then  Reiki Level Two is definitely for you!

Reiki Level Two: Okuden, “The Inner Teachings”…

Okuden is a Japanese word meaning ‘inner teachings’. As the word implies, a deeper understanding and connection to Mikao Usui’s teachings is achieved during this course through the utilization of three symbols (Shirushi) and three mantras (Jumon).

In Reiki Level Two, you’ll also receive a cleansing attunement (Reiju) to the second Reiki level, which is a much more powerful and potent energy than Shoden Level One, as the third eye is opened to a greater degree and intuition is heightened. In Reiki Level Two, you’ll be shown how to channel and use the ancient symbols in a treatment setting, a distance healing and in your own self-healing. You’ll also learn advanced Reiki Meditations to deepen your ability to channel and inspiring ways to bring Reiki into your life as you continue to walk the path of the heart.


The Second Level Course Covers:

Advanced Reiki Meditations

The first three symbols of empowerment

Application of the Reiki symbols for power, release, transcending time/space and to connect with your insightful self

Healing unwanted patterns and learning how to manifest your goals using Reiki

Inspirational ways to work with the energy of Reiki

Essential information for starting your own practice

Receiving a Reiki Level Two Attunement and Cleansing Process

Students will also receive a detailed manual and a certificate upon completion of the course.

Some of the many benefits to learning Reiki Level Two:
*Progress deeper along the healing path *Begin to help others professionally *Brings a deeper sense of peace, wisdom and compassion *Releases emotional wounds from the past *Heightens intuition *Strengthens your connection to people, places, nature and the world around you *Deepens your sense of purpose

Why Learn Reiki at Harp to Heart Healing?
Norma is a Level Three Reiki Master Teacher who has been conducting Reiki Healing Sessions as her Full Time Vocation for thirteen years. She is also accredited with the Australian Reiki Connection – Australia’s leading Reiki Association. As a highly intuitive and sensitive person, Norma brings great care, understanding and wisdom to the Reiki Healings and Reiki Workshops she offers.

Reiki Level Two Courses for 2018:  28th-29th April, 8th-9th September

Duration: 9.30-5.00pm on both days

Investment: $485.00


Please contact Norma for bookings and venue details on 0402 314 980

What people are saying…

“Level Two Reiki was the missing piece of the puzzle for me.  It has opened up many doors and I feel that it will help me with many aspects of my life including my own healing journey. Norma has such a loving and peaceful presence and is a wonderful teacher. I’m feeling more inspired to continue down this path and look forward to see where it takes me.” Dianne

“I was very lucky to be initiated into Reiki Level 2. The whole weekend was an amazing experience. To learn from such a wise and compassionate soul that is Norma, is a real privilege. Her scholars said “it’s Norma or no one!”. I felt I was in a cocoon of love and drank avidly of Norma’s much wide experience. Qualities of reverence and compassion permeated our souls.  If you hold Reiki Level 1, seriously think about enhancing your frequency to a higher level. Reiki Level 2 is about rising and learning very useful and powerful symbols which can be used to heal according to Divine Will.” Maria

“What an incredible experience learning Reiki Level Two with Norma. A relaxing, inspiring and rewarding experience being part of such a special journey. I cannot wait to further embrace Reiki into my life and my work. Thank you Norma, you are amazing! Michelle

“The two days spent with Norma learning Reiki Level Two has been truly a blessing. I feel that I have gained a knowledge and gift from a teacher with much love, compassion, wisdom and passion to live her life with truth and integrity. Much love & gratitude to Norma for sharing her experiences and knowledge of Reiki for the good and well being of all.” Anna

After the course, on-going support will be provided to deepen your practice and inspire your growing knowledge through regular Reiki Gatherings!