Learn Traditional Usui Reiki Level Two: Okuden-‘The Inner Teachings’…

Are you interested in progressing further along the healing path?

If you’ve been introduced to Reiki , you may be feeling the call to learn more. Take the next step if you’re ready to:

* deepen your knowledge of healing the body, mind and spirit in a gentle and natural way.

* become increasingly proficient as you discover the ‘inner teachings’ of Reiki

* learn how to perform a Distance Healing.

* grow spiritually through advanced Reiki Meditations and advanced Healing techniques.

* earn an income doing what you love.

* make a real difference in the world by channeling healing energy to others with integrity and unconditional love.

Whether you choose to learn Reiki Level Two for your own personal development or whether you’re ready to begin offering Reiki Healing Sessions for clients,  you’ll learn all the advanced techniques of Traditional Usui Reiki hands-on so you’ll get all the practice you need to feel confident.

Committed to maintaining high standards of integrity, I can help you discover exactly what you need to make a positive difference in your own life and the lives of others. You’ll also receive on-going support through regular Reiki gatherings, mentoring and exclusive Harp to Heart Healing resources.

If your soul is calling you to grow spiritually and share your gifts with the world, call me on 0402 314 980 to take the next steps on the path of healing!


The Second Level Course Covers:

Advanced Reiki Meditations and Healing practices

The three sacred symbols and mantras and how to apply them

Fine tuning your abilities and deepening your intuition as a Channel for Healing

Inspirational ways to bring the Healing Energy of Reiki into your life

Essential information for starting your own practice

Receiving a Reiki Level Two Attunement and Cleansing Process


This course is taught over two full days. You’ll also receive a detailed manual and a certificate upon course completion that’s recognized by Australia’s Leading Reiki Association: The Australian Reiki Connection Incorporated.


Interested? Check out what people are saying…

“Level Two Reiki was the missing piece of the puzzle for me.  It has opened up many doors and I feel that it will help me with many aspects of my life including my own healing journey. Norma has such a loving and peaceful presence and is a wonderful teacher. I’m feeling more inspired to continue down this path and look forward to see where it takes me.” Dianne

“I was very lucky to be initiated into Reiki Level 2. The whole weekend was an amazing experience. To learn from such a wise and compassionate soul that is Norma, is a real privilege. Her scholars said “it’s Norma or no one!”. I felt I was in a cocoon of love and drank avidly of Norma’s much wide experience. Qualities of reverence and compassion permeated our souls.  If you hold Reiki Level 1, seriously think about enhancing your frequency to a higher level. Reiki Level 2 is about rising and learning very useful and powerful symbols which can be used to heal according to Divine Will.” Maria

“What an incredible experience learning Reiki Level Two with Norma! A relaxing, inspiring and rewarding experience being part of such a special journey. I cannot wait to further embrace Reiki into my life and my work. Thank you Norma, you’re amazing! Michelle

“The two days spent with Norma learning Reiki Level Two has been truly a blessing. I feel that I have gained a knowledge and gift from a teacher with much love, compassion, wisdom and passion to live her life with truth and integrity. Much love & gratitude to Norma for sharing her experiences and knowledge of Reiki for the good and well being of all.” Anna


Dates for 2021: 27th-28th of February, 15th-16th May, 7th-8th of August, 13th-14th November

Time: 9.00am-5.00pm.

Investment: $485.00

All you need to do is give me a call on 0402 314 980 to make a booking and discuss your payment plan now.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you!

Many Blessings, Norma x