Learn Reiki Level One

Reiki –The Path of Healing and Happiness…

Are you interested in learning how you can channel healing energy to positively change your life and the lives of others?

Begin the path towards holistic healing and total BALANCE of your body, mind, and spirit by learning Reiki.

Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful, natural method of healing that originated in Japan. It’s highly effective in releasing stress, illness and pain leaving you in a state of optimum health and well being.


Reiki Level One is called ‘Shoden’ in Japanese; it translates as “The Entrance”…

During this first stage of Reiki training the emphasis is on learning the basic foundations of Reiki to awaken your innate power to heal yourself. It’s an initiation into the realm of healing that opens the doorway to the heart where you can experience deep personal transformation.

If your soul is calling you to fill your cup with self-care and self-love, live with more peace on a daily basis, heighten your intuition and connect with like-minded people, then beginning the healing path of Reiki is definitely for you!

The Reiki Level One Course is taught in person. As a very experienced teacher, Norma will take you on a ‘Journey of the Heart’ to easily learn Reiki through intuitive, experiential and theoretical methods. During the course, there will be opportunities to ask questions, engage in practical exercises and experience beautiful Reiki Meditations to the sounds of the harp.

The First Level Course Covers:

Reiki as a Universal Life Force Energy

The history and lineage of Reiki

The Usui Reiki Ryoho System

The Five Principles of Reiki

Understanding the energy system of the body through the chakras

Opening intuitive abilities to sense energy

Grounding, Protection and Cleansing

How to perform a Reiki Self-Healing Treatment to promote self-care

How to perform a Reiki Treatment to promote healing for others

Receiving a Reiki Level One Attunement and Cleansing Process

Discovering your lineage and supportive Reiki Community!

You will also receive a detailed manual and a certificate upon your completion of the course.

Why Learn Reiki at Harp to Heart Healing?

Norma is a Level Three Reiki Master Teacher who has been conducting Reiki Healing Sessions as her Full Time Vocation for thirteen years. She is also accredited with the Australian Reiki Connection – Australia’s leading Reiki Association. As a highly intuitive and sensitive person, Norma brings great care, understanding and wisdom to the  Reiki Healings and Reiki Workshops she offers.

What people are saying…
Words cannot express my tremendous gratitude to Norma for sharing her knowledge, wisdom and beautiful gift of Reiki with me in her Reiki Level One Course. It has given me an amazing tool to keep calm, centered and focused amidst the chaos that life can sometimes be. Norma’s deep awareness and insight into the greater life force and healing nature of the mind, body and soul, has added another dimension to my understanding of Reiki. I am forever grateful and humbled to call Norma my Reiki practitioner, teacher and indeed beautiful friend. In love and light, Paula”

“Norma’s unique and personal touch made the experience of learning Reiki Level One more special. I feel I’ve gained the learning and a pathway to a more fulfilling life.” Anna

“I feel cleansed and ready to bring happiness into my life! Thank you Norma, you’re a spiritual inspiration!” Alice

“It was an honor to be part of the Reiki Level One Group. Norma is a natural teacher and will draw out of each individual their gift of healing. The weekend was a blessing from heaven.” Serafina

“An amazing experience! Highly enlightening and healing. Reiki is the medicine the world needs. Norma is an enthusiastic, powerful, yet gentle Earth Angel who has put her heart and soul into teaching Reiki. Easy to understand, with clear notes to refer to. Norma is my friend, my inspiration and my wellbeing! Thank you from my heart.” Maria

“Norma has this amazing ability to bring together the right people for Reiki Workshops. I highly recommend that you stop procrastinating and step into its magical light.” Concetta


Reiki Level One Courses for 2018:  17th-18th February, 4th-5th of August

Duration: 9:30am to 5:30pm on both days

Investment: $450.00


Please contact Norma for bookings and venue details on 0402 314 980

After the course, on-going support will be provided to deepen your practice and inspire your growing knowledge through regular Reiki Gatherings!