Reiki Cocoon of Love

“Each of us has the potential of being given a gift by the Divine… Through it, the human being will first be made healthy, and then peace of mind and joy in life will be increased.” Dr. Mikao Usui

A Reiki Cocoon of Love Healing Session is a sacred experience. For an hour and a half you’ll be nurtured and cocooned in the Healing Energy of Reiki. The session begins with a relaxing foot soak to symbolize taking a sacred pause on your life’s journey. You’ll then have the opportunity to choose an oracle card to receive Divine Guidance before resting upon the massage table. I’ll guide you to calm your body, mind and spirit with a gentle meditation and you’ll begin to feel healing energy emanating from my hands and smell exquisite aromatherapy oils of high, energetic vibration that will enhance your healing experience. You’ll also receive a magical sound shower to raise your energetic frequency through tinkling chimes, singing bowls and angelic harps. The session completes with a blessing as you emerge from your cocoon like a beautiful butterfly…


Investment: $185.00 (Includes a unique vibrational essence to support your healing after the session)


  • Return to wholeness through guided meditation and energetic healing


  • Raise your energetic frequency through sacred sound therapy, aromatherapy and vibrational medicine.


  • Receive Divine Guidance

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Investment: $185.00 (Includes a unique vibrational essence to support your healing after the session)

Duration: 90 minutes

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“Norma is a warm, genuine and inspiring woman whom I would recommend to anyone wishing to discover the personal journey of spiritual healing. I have found Norma to be sincere and professional in the delivery of her Reiki Practice. I would suggest anyone contemplating the Reiki Sessions not to hesitate to explore this treatment approach to healing the mind, body and spirit. Norma is not only proficient in her Reiki Treatments but is an Inspirational Motivator toward greater life achievements. It’s an absolute pleasure to recommend Norma and her Reiki Sessions as I have personally benefited from her treatment without question.”
Melissa Petrovski
Psychologist and Counsellor
B.App.Sc. Hons; Grad Dip B.Sc.; Post Grad Dip Psych; M. Counselling.
Assoc Member Australian Psychological Society; Level 4 Member Australian Counselling Association.

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