About Harp to Heart Meditation Classes



“Whatever we are waiting for- peace of mind, contentment, grace…it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

Most stresses in our lives are generally the result of our minds replaying events that have already happened or speculating events that haven’t even happened yet! However, even if you have struggled to learn meditation, the simple, yet powerful meditation techniques I invite you to explore, will help you to easily remain in the present moment, naturally achieve a blissful state of stillness and magnify the beautiful radiance of your inner light.

In addition to life-changing meditation techniques, you will also be gifted with the amazing benefits of a powerful, active meditation process called Creative Journaling that is similar to The Creative Journal Method developed by Dr. Lucia Capacchione, a pioneer in the field of creativity and healing. In this meditation process, no special prerequisites are necessary, except a willingness to know and love yourself. Creative Journaling can bring many positive changes to all areas of your life; it helps you to become empowered, balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain, honour the wisdom of your inner world and discover regenerative forces to enable you to truly move forward in your life. In each meditation session, there is a focus on a particular theme that will help you to bring greater awareness and harmony into your life.

What makes Harp to Heart Healing extra special is of course the inclusion of a meditation to the sounds of the Celtic Harp. The harp has been an instrument of healing for centuries. In the bible, the shepherd, David was asked to play his harp for King Saul to soothe him of his rages and despair. Even the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras developed theories about the effect of the harp upon the nervous system stating: ”Music heals!” Constructed in the shape of a heart, it is called the ‘doorway between the worlds’ as its evocative sounds invite you to journey within and be forever transformed…

In Harp to Heart Healing Meditation Classes, the meditation experience is further enhanced by pure aromatherapy oils and that can also help to support you in maintaining positive changes in your life.

All Harp to Heart Healing Meditation Classes are conducted in beautiful, sacred spaces. Great care is taken to cater for your comfort and any special needs.

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