Sacred Womb Healing


“I release my fear so I may embrace freedom
I release my pain so I may embrace joy
I release my anger so I may embrace compassion
I release my sadness so I may embrace peace…” Munay-Ki

 Your womb is a sacred container for your creativity and dreaming. Old emotions, energetic imprints and painful experiences or traumas can become energetically trapped in your womb preventing you from conceiving a child, realizing your fullest creative potential and manifesting your dreams.

In this powerful healing session, you’ll experience a deep meditation process and energetic healing to discover what is blocking you, release it and re-awaken your innate power to create new life.

This profoundly nurturing and sacred experience incorporates aromatherapy oils and powerful flower essences to further support your deep healing process.


Investment: $185.00

Duration: 90 mins

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