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Snow Leopard, Companion Suit

Snow Leopard, Companion Suit


I am the one who…
*Takes the time to retreat
* Allows myself to shine
*Follows my intuition as I blossom and transform…

Gather with other Creative Spirits to begin a new and exciting year of SoulCollage®!

You’ll have the opportunity to meet both in person and online for a real creative indulgence.

Let’s connect, reflect, journal, meditate, make cards, do card readings and discover the wonderful wisdom of your inner world!



21st February, 28th March, 25th April, 23rd May, 27th June, 25th July (Magdalene Path), 22nd of August, 26th September, 24th October, 28th November

Note: In person gatherings are highlighted in bold print.

Online: 1.00pm-4.00pm Investment: $70.00

In Person: 10.30am-4.30pm Investment: $130.00


What people are saying:

AWESOME! Fun! Transformative! FOOD FOR YOUR SOUL! Amazing! INSPIRING! Nurturing! LOVE IT!


“SoulCollage® Sacred Space is a time out I schedule for myself on a regular basis. I look forward to having no distractions to explore different aspects of who I am and what my soul is truly yearning for as this creative therapy sustains me through my day to day life. Through SoulCollage® I have learnt to wholeheartedly trust my inner wisdom from creating a card to journaling with my cards. I’ve been supported, lovingly challenged and I’ve experienced great personal growth through this process. I always feel very blessed to have the love, support and insights of Norma and the ladies who walk this journey with me. Norma facilitates the SoulCollage® Sacred Space gatherings by nourishing our souls with meditation, her harp rhythms, interesting themes and delicious treats (her chocolate balls are amazing!). Norma always holds a space where I feel safe, loved and held in compassion. I’m very grateful for the SoulCollage® process and the way Norma facilitates her Sacred Space  gatherings whether in person or online.” Amelia

Contact me on 0402 314 980 for bookings and further information.



Introduction to SoulCollage®

Creative Child, Committee Suit

Creative Child, Committee Suit

 If you love oracle cards, are interested in self-development and feel a strong desire to discover the wisdom from your soul, then this amazing Introduction to SoulCollage® is for you! In this six week course you’ll begin creating your own personal deck of SoulCollage® Cards and explore their sacred meanings. You’ll also gain an understanding of each of the four SoulCollage® suits, the three transpersonal cards, how to access your intuition and how to do different readings to receive soulful wisdom and clarity on your life journey.

This course will be taught on a weekly basis for six weeks.

Please contact me for further information.

What people are saying: “I feel blessed to have experienced an Introduction to SoulCollage® with Norma and my soul feels nourished. Norma’s ability to hold the space with deep listening, wisdom and insight is only matched by her sense of humour, profound connection with spirit, magnificent harp playing and of course delicious soul food.  But what brings it altogether is her open, generous, loving and tender heart.   I’m left wanting more!” Yaelle

Contact me on 0402 314 980 for bookings and further information.





SoulCollage® Journey through the Chakras Course

Dragon, Companion Suit

Dragon, Companion Suit

“I am the one who invites you to hear the call to embark upon an amazing quest. I am the one who is grounded yet nourished by the feminine energy of creativity. I am the one who explores the many facets of the soul like the radiance of a many faceted crystal.” (Dragon Card, Companion Suit)

Chakras are powerful energy centers located along the midline of the body. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit term meaning, “wheel” of energy. There are seven major chakras or ‘wheels of energy’ in the body, and each one is generally related to a characteristic aspect of being such as: security, creativity, personal power, love, expression, intuition and spiritual connection. Understanding the unique energy of your chakras helps you to stay balanced, leads to enlightenment, empowerment and benefits every area of your life!

Journey through the Chakras is an enlightening course where you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper on your SoulCollage® journey and explore each chakra through meditation, journaling and the powerful SoulCollage® process.
If you ‘re ready to transform your life in an amazing way, join me for an unforgettable journey toward empowerment.


This course will be taught on a weekly basis for seven weeks.

Contact me on 0402 314 980 for bookings and further information.