Fill your cup with relaxation, peace, self-care and the magic that happens when women gather in circle!

I’ve been facilitating women’s circles for over two decades and love noticing how the power of holding sacred space shifts energy, brings meaning, connection and healing just when you need it most!

Each month, you’ll have an exciting opportunity to awaken the ancient feminine wisdom you carry within!

This is a beautiful journey of remembrance and connection; a deeper exploration of the timeless wisdom encoded within the cycles of nature, the dance of the seasons, the whisperings of the elements, the enchanting cycles of the moon and so much more!

It’s a path that leads to profound healing, empowerment, and inner peace, which in turn radiates outward, touching the world around us with its transformative power.

Are you ready to embrace the path of the wise woman, and uncover a rich tapestry of knowledge, insight, and inspiration that will empower you to lead a life of greater fulfilment and meaning?

Here’s a glimpse of what you can look forward to:

  • Explore a powerful mystical path to awaken your inner wise woman
  • Create your own inspirational, sacred journal
  • Experience profound inner journeys with the sounds of the Celtic Harp to guide you!
  • Learn how to apply ancient teachings and sacred practices to transform your life
  • Connect with kindred spirits
  • Discover how you can live a deeply fulfilling, magical life and more!

Are you hearing the call?

Book now for the Sacred Women’s Circle!


What women are saying:

“Always an incredible experience! Thank you Norma. I’m feeling more grounded, at peace and relaxed. Forever grateful.” Jenny H

“Wow! An amazing experience! So powerful and well worth it. See you at the next one!” Amanda M


Upcoming dates for 2024

Thursday Nights at St Margaret’s Church Hall, Eltham, 3095

  • 25th July
  • 22nd August
  • 24th October
  • 21st November


Event details:
Thu 25 Jul
7:30 pm
2 Hours
In Person
$75 (Early Bird)

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