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there are moments in life when u meet such kind and loving people that allow ur heart to open and appreciate the light of love...... Norma is one of these beautiful people who magically invites us all to open our hearts to the light of Reiki ...........A heavenly vibration ....very grateful to u Norma ......blessings and love

Dianne Schmid

It was so amazing spending the evening healing and connecting with many beautiful caring people who bring warmth and joy to the world. Thank you


Hello I’m Gabriela from Honduras, Latin AmericaNorma helped me acknowledge my emotions. I was able to free myself from many worries and troubles in my head thanks to the conversation with Norma.

Gabriela Pineda

Had a wonderful first session at Harp to Healing. Norma’s calm and loving presence made for a very peaceful session and I learnt so much about myself that I did not know before through her reading.The reiki session also cleared a lot of blockages I had and has made me feel a lot calmer and focused since.Looking forward to staying in touch Norma!


Another wonderful session today with Norma. This time Sacred Womb Healing 💜. Norma is truely amazing, so connected and understanding. If you are unsure of what to expect when you go for a session, let me assure you, pure tranquility 🪷🪷🪷

Rachelle Maynard

It is an absolute privilege and an honour to learn Reiki Healing from Norma. Her teaching style and methods are lovingly infused with her years of wisdom, knowledge and experience. Her course layout reflects a deep understanding of Reiki, but above all else, it is the language of the Heart that Norma fluently communicates in.Prior to learning, I received a Reiki session from Norma, and can only describe that as Healing on multiple levels. She incorporates the soothing music of the Harp in her sessions, which takes you on a deep, transcendental journey to realms beyond the physical.Norma’s home is a reflection of the kind-heartedness she carries as she makes all who enter it absolutely welcome and feeling at ease at all times.I feel truly blessed to have reconnected with Norma. I am immensely grateful to be learning from her, and look forward to the rest of this new journey ahead!

Shane Rao

What a wonderful experience was this session with Norma!! The relaxing environment, her home-made chocolate ball, a cup of delicious Japanese tea to start with, her personality and kindness instantly made me feel very comfortable to share details about what I feel imbalanced in my life. Her knowledge, her words, the chosen aromatherapy oils and flower essences made miracles in me, with Norma's soul healing harp music, I feel transformed! I got confirmation from my Angels that I am on the right path towards something better and I am supported by them. Norma also tought me self-encoraging mantras and to tap with fingers. I feel so blessed to find her! I know now that everything is and will be fine in my life. I will book myself in for the next session, for sure.

Melinda Fuery

I had my first Reiki session with Norma a month back and have been ever so grateful for it. She provided a harmonious and safe environment for healing to happen. She's warm, welcoming and genuinely kind. Thank you, Norma, for offering such a beautiful experience that I still cherish.

Nik B.

Norma is a natural healer. I have retained Norma’s services for personal sessions many times for intuitive counselling, Reiki and Meditation. Every time I have gained a greater understanding of myself and my connection with all that is. At the end of every session I have left feeling more at peace because of the connection experienced in the session.I admire Norma’s faith that everything happens in divine ways and timing. I aim to follow her lead in my every day.Having a session with Norma is self-pampering at the highest, most beautiful level. For those of us in the service industries such as myself, it is essential to support ourselves so we can truly support others. Sessions with Norma will provide you the physical, emotional and spiritual support you need to bounce back refreshed to take on another day of helping others. Norma will make you feel like you are number one, providing beautiful and nurturing music, oils and atmosphere. There is nothing that compares to the self-love you provide yourself by inviting Norma to be a main part of your support network. Norma’s support is the number one.I highly recommend Norma for those beings who seek to travel a mindful, peaceful path with trust in their heart (and who doesn’t seek this?). I have highly recommended Norma and Harp to Heart Healing to my family and friends and those that have consulted with Norma tell me the experience always exceeds their expectations. Everyone needs Harp to Heart Healing in their lives xo

Bonnie McCormack

A transformative and uplifting journey is what Norma brings to all her sessions. A truly gentle unique soul that it is a blessing to be in her presence.

Serafina Alberti

Be inspired to evolve from within.


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