Fantastic Client Reviews

Norma has a unique gift and her healing session was beautiful and nourishing 🙏

Debra Tegoni

magical and uplifting, an experience that leaves one in a state of wonderment and awe

Serafina Alberti

A few months late to review, but something I just had to do.Meeting Norma was a powerful experience for me. I met her at a time when I was feeling stuck and low. From the moment I entered her space I had goosebumps and felt very emotional. It was because she has prepared the space for welcoming my energy. It was absolutely a powerful experience. Norma is kind, warm, calm and extremely empathetic. Her reiki, healing and harp session made so much of an impact for me, I truly think that was a turning point. Thank you Norma 🙏


The most uplifting and positive experience. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who has already had experience with Reiki elsewhere, or who is wondering if this is for you. Norma has truly helped me see and feel the transformative power of light and love.


Thank you Norma for my healing. It was a beautiful and profound experience. Your warmth and care is very much appreciated.

Rebecca Pie

I highly recommend Norma for anyone needing support and healing. I have called on her many times over the last 10 years and she is one of the most warm, wise and gifted people I’ve encountered. I was lucky to find her and am so grateful for her. Thankyou Norma!

Caterina F

Norma is amazing! Being a first timer I am so glad I came across Norma, she is such a warm, welcoming and gentle soul, I feel blessed to have been guided through such a beautiful experience by her. Her session has helped me more than I could have ever expected.For anyone who is considering I strongly recommend Norma, she has such a gift in her ability to heal.

Isabella Pote

Soul cleansing experience. Norma is humble, graceful with has a wealth of wisdom and healing expertise.You'll be transformed after one session!Her sessions are tailored in stages to 'bring up and let go' of the burdens your carrying with a variety of modalities.

Janine Walker

I finally went along to my first sacred women's circle last night for the full moon. It didn't disappoint and i have marked my Callender for next month. Norma is so wonderfully intuitive every activity was aligned with exactly what was needed for every woman there. It was supportive, magical and has set the stage for a renewed month ahead. I Would highly recommend if you felt the call as i did. Thank you, Norma,

Tanya Farrar

Hello, NormaI am so glad that I found you and this wonderful woman group. So special, unique and holistic.I feel so warm and happy.I can’t wait to joining next session.Thank you and bless you.

Yewon Ludia Yang

Be inspired to evolve from within.


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