Fantastic Client Reviews

Wow amazing 😻 experience love ❤️ it so powerful and you get deep into the meditations self expression, chantings amazing best experience come away from it feeling like a new person new beginning, will do more womens circle ⭕️ and more well worth it thank you Norma your amazing person so glad I’ve meet you see you at the next event these healings are a must for all you go once then you never go any were eles for these.

Amanda mcnamara

Norma is my earth Angel guiding me always. I couldn't do without her.Her recently released music is exquisite, I listen to it every day.Norma thank you for being my guide ❤️ ❤️ ❤️Once again Norma is shining her healing on me. Her methods are impeccable making every minute with her count.Norma thank you for existing and working tirelessly for our benefit ✨️

Maria Rinaldo

Great experience.Norma was amazing .strongly recommended

Maria Alessi

magical and uplifting, an experience that leaves one in a state of peace and awe.

Serafina Alberti

Amazing energy and great depth of knowledge.Left feeling like I’ve just stepped out of a cocoon into a new refreshed and better guided chapter of life 👍🏼

Lucas Smith

A reiki session with Norma is a journey. I experienced depth and surfacing of an unknown, but in the same breath, something that felt familiar. Afterwards, I felt deeply cleansed, calmed and relaxed.Harp to Heart Healing is a place of respite from the noise of the outer world - the healing is felt from the moment Norma welcomes you into her sanctuary, to the last note strummed on her beautiful harp marking the end your session, and then continues to extend all the way home with you.I feel blessed to have connected with Norma today and very happy to recommend her genuine service.Thank you for being such an awesome human, Norma! See you for the next sesh!🙏❤️

Angela Bonus

there are certain moments in life when u feel so happy to receive guidance that opens up your heart to love just that little bit more and allows the sad memories to slip away Norma in the reiki circle did just that for me another evening of light and joy ........... magical thank u beams of blessing and love

Dianne Schmid

I recently had my first reiki experience with Norma, and it’s certainly going to be one of many. Norma’s energy and calming presence created a profoundly positive atmosphere, and the session left me feeling rejuvenated and balanced (plus following her advice put me on to other extremely positive paths too!). If you are looking to start a deeply healing and spiritual journey, see Norma!

Rhiannon Hough

Wow wow and WOW! Had an amazing healing and Reiki session with this Beautiful Loving Soul Norma. Such a joy to meet you and to feel the energies play off each another. Simply joyful! I felt and are still feeling shifts on many levels and are so ready to embrace myself and the love, joy and hugely positive direction life is taking me. Thank you so so much!

Dot Crichton

Miraculous. If every modern health treatment (mental & physical) has not helped - Norma WILL. It's a life changing experience. Trust me, you will never regret it. LOVE yourself & take the opportunity to dramatically change your world forever!!!

Meegan Large

Be inspired to evolve from within.


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