I’ve just released my debut CD!!!

It’s called “Path Of Light” and brings 57 minutes of divine sound healing!!!

Before this sacred assignment even entered my consciousness, the Angels were giving me many signs that humanity needs healing light frequencies to bring peace at this time of great change in our world.

I began collaborating with Melbournian rock musician and producer Sanny Veloo, with the aim of creating an alchemy of frequencies to bring about healing and peace.

The mystical melodies in this unique musical composition have been channelled to me through angels in moments of quiet contemplation.

“Path of Light” will take you on a transformative inner journey and awaken you to the vibrational medicine of divine love.

I’ve been performing harp music in meditation and healing sessions for over two decades.

Now I’m being guided to bring the gift of sound healing to more people.

May the “Path of Light” calm your mind, heal your heart, and raise your vibrational frequency to create many positive shifts in your life!

Click on the orange button to learn more about “Path of Light” and purchase it from my online store or by contacting me directly via email.

I will personally send you an angelic message and blessing with your purchase!

A percentage of sales will be donated to SANDS, an organisation that’s dear to my heart which supports women who have experienced miscarriage & stillbirth.

Many moons ago I met a Native American Indian who recognised me as a ‘light worker’. He’s parting words were: “No matter how challenging life can be, you can always find your way out of the darkness and into the light…”

I’ve never forgotten those words. They’ve been a source of comfort and inspiration for me on many occasions.

It’s my hope that “Path of Light” conveys the same message to you through the alchemy of sound medicine.

With love and abundant blessings,
Norma xox


Track Listing & Credits

  1. Path of Light
  2. Gassho
  3. Circle of Light
  4. Sacred Mountain
  5. Medicine Wheel
  6. Self-Care Lullaby

Released November 24, 2022

Celtic and Reverie Harps, Native American Flute, Drum, Sound Bowls,
Chimes, Indigenous Australian Rainstick, Backing Vocals by Norma Budinski.

Guitars, Synthesisers, Cosmic Soundscapes, Backing Vocals by Sanny Veloo.

All songs composed by Norma Budinski.
Produced, Arranged, Recorded, Mixed by Sanny Veloo.
Mastered by Brendan Dekora.

Cover Design: Natassia Budinski
Photo: Chowie Photography

© 2022 Harp to Heart Healing

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