Learn Traditional Usui Reiki at Harp to Heart Healing

Learn a natural and gentle way to bring balance, peace and calm to your body, mind, and spirit through Traditional Usui Reiki. On this path of spiritual healing, you’ll learn how energy healing works, grow spiritually to develop your intuitive gifts, discover Reiki application and techniques as taught by Mikao Usui Sensei, and get all the knowledge and practice you need to feel confident!


Why learn Reiki at Harp to Heart Healing?

I love Reiki! I’ve witnessed many positive changes in my own life and the lives of many people through the amazing gift of Reiki! I have over thirty years teaching experience and I’ve been offering Reiki Healing Sessions as my full-time vocation for over two decades. I’m also an accredited practitioner, teacher and member of the Australian Reiki Connection Incorporated. (Australia’s Peak Reiki Association since 1997)

If you choose to learn Reiki with me, you’ll discover that Reiki is a path of the heart. You’ll easily awaken your intuition and receive heart chakra activations when you experience Reiki meditations and transmissions that are enhanced by the sounds of my Healing Harps.

To keep you inspired after the course, you’ll also receive ongoing support through regular Reiki gatherings, mentoring and exclusive Harp to Heart Healing resources.

If you’ve heard the call to embark on the path of healing, book now to begin your life-changing journey!

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