Triple Goddess Ritual


The Triple Goddess Ritual is for those who are truly ready to transform their lives from the inside out through energetic healing!

Beautiful Woman, are you ready to release past limitations?

Would you like to open your heart to really love & accept yourself?

Just imagine what your life would be like if you could really be the best version of you…

The Triple Goddess Ritual honors the beautiful soul that you are so that you can blossom into the fullness of your being…

Goddesses are an ancient aspect of the many faces of the Divine Feminine. They’ve been worshiped in many cultures around the world throughout the ages and embody specific virtues such as, compassion, grace, strength, beauty, wisdom, sensuality and healing.

 It is said that the Divine Goddesses hear every call of the heart and will always offer assistance whenever you invoke them…

 If we invite these powerful Divine Feminine Archetypes into our lives, they can assist us in profound ways.

 The Triple Goddess Ritual calls upon the Divine Feminine energies of Kwan Yin, Mother Mary and Isis to assist you with releasing past limitations, awakening your heart to greater love and self-acceptance and manifesting your highest potential.

As ritual has been a fundamental component in virtually all ancient cultures, it is something that we can identify with in our collective unconscious as a powerful tool for transformation as it honors the Mystery and an awareness that a Higher Force is moving in our lives that is expansive, creative, wise and loving.

The Triple Goddess Ritual comprises of three amazing 90 minute sessions that include an oracle card message from each of the Goddesses, a Magnified Healing Transmission, an Inner Meditative Journey that is unique to you, High Vibrational Essences, music and a sacred anointing with aromatherapy oils, including the rare Egyptian Blue Lotus Oil, to help you to Step into the Light of your Goddess Radiance!

If you’ve found your way to this page, the Goddesses are calling to you!

Investment: $585.00 (Includes unique vibrational essences to support your healing after each session)

Duration: (90 minutes x 3)

Please contact Norma on 0402 314 980 for bookings and further information.

I’m looking forward to working with you! 



Healing with Norma and Goddess Isis

I have been blessed with a Healing Session from Norma with connection to the Goddess Isis. Reiki is gentle. With the presence of the Goddess Isis in the Healing Session, my experience was also very powerful.

Norma’s nature in connecting to me, my guides and the Healing Energy was like that of a soft, gentle yet knowing mother. I felt safe at all times during the session but yet, I also felt like royalty with the foot cleansing before the Reiki.

During the Healing Session I felt uplifted by all the smells, sounds and touch. For me, the sounds in particular were all so wonderful at different intervals: a meditation bowl, a rattle, a chime and the beautiful harp. I felt myself going to a different safe place, away from the stresses of everyday normal life. I actually felt like I was lifted off the massage bed as my body felt lighter as the session progressed.

So people may wonder how the Healing Session with Isis affected me afterwards? ‘Profoundly’, is the answer. I view Isis as the female energy of self-empowerment. A few days after the Healing Session I had a vivid dream that I asked a man to marry me. I have never been married. I took the dream to mean that I am so confident and assured as a woman that I can ask for anything and so I shall receive!!

During the Healing Session, in her wisdom of allowing, Norma received a message for me that I had been ‘holding on’, with an indication that there was some ‘fear around falling’. In connecting the dream with Norma’s message, I feel that the dream I had days after the Healing Session was reconfirming that I can “let go”, that I do not have to hold it all together myself, that as a confident and self-assured woman I need only ask and I will receive. Receiving such a message in itself has been liberating!

So in summary, for all those considering a Healing Session with Norma, I say, it is relaxing, restful, safe and with spiritual guides, also profoundly healing.

I live a number of hours from Norma but I continue to receive Healing Sessions & meditations from Norma when I can. I do this because I know the benefits support me living my best life of perfect abundance.

Give Healing Sessions with beautiful Norma a go, and, when you do, give it a go many times and always! You will be very proud of yourself that you take time out to give yourself this gift. Norma and her profound abilities will definitely add substantial benefit to your life and the energies around you.

Bonnie-Jean McCormack

An Australian Legal Practitioner

Eldorado, Victoria


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