Follow the path of your heart as you become a living example of Reiki, learn to attune others and confidently teach all levels of Reiki.

In this life-changing course you’ll:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the history of Reiki and the teachings of Mikao Usui Sensei.
  • Deepen your connection to the energy of Reiki by incorporating more advanced meditations, chants, and techniques to your practice.
  • Learn the Master Symbol to expand your knowledge of Reiki and heighten your healing abilities.
  • Embody the Reiki Principles and unlock their deeper wisdom
  • Create your own oracle cards through a powerful process to discover who you are and who you’re becoming
  • Understand the responsibilities of a healer and teacher of integrity.
  • Discover how to attune others to Reiki.
  • Learn to confidently teach Reiki through hands-on experience and clear guidelines
  • Gain access to powerful Reiki Meditations and Resources created exclusively by Harp to Heart Healing to support you on your journey.
  • Receive privileged membership to the monthly Reiki Circle
  • Experience profound spiritual, mental and emotional shifts that occur during and after your training.
  • Become increasingly aware of your own unique gifts, purpose, and life-long commitment to your own spiritual growth.

The Reiki Mastery Course at Harp to Heart Healing is taught one to one as a year mentorship.

A certificate that’s recognised by leading Reiki Associations will be issued upon completion of the course.

 If your soul is calling you to embrace your destiny, please reach out to me via my contact form, and I’ll send you more information.


Student Testimonial

“Norma is a gift to this world. Her care, wisdom and programs are second to none. She is a gifted healer, a soft spirit who offers profound insight and healings to her clients, plus she adds her unique musicality with Harp and other instruments during her work. I have been lucky enough to receive healings as a client, studied my Reiki Level 1, 2 and her unique 1:1 mentoring program for Reiki Mastery. She creates space for her students to learn, dive deep and grow inside out, whilst embracing the principles and values of her Mikao Usui Reiki lineage. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Jai Harvey-Yin

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