Feel nurtured, supported, and deepen your bond with your precious baby as you prepare for the powerful initiation of motherhood. So peaceful, exquisite, and healing is this time of rest and dreaming.

  • Receive an angelic message for you and baby
  • Relax with a foot soak
  • Receive Pregnancy Support and Blessed Birthing Flower Essences
  • Rest with gentle meditation, Reiki, and the sounds of the Healing Harp


Session Testimonial

“I’ve been seeing the beautiful Norma for seven years. She has changed my life in the most amazing ways. Recently, I sought her healing energies during my pregnancy; up until the day before I gave birth. Having pregnancy healing sessions enabled me to be calm throughout my C-section. I was completely present and healed smoothly and quickly. My birth was a magical experience and my daughter a dream baby. I highly recommend Norma’s myriad of services.  Her gentle and knowledgeable nature is a true gift to our world. I am blessed to know her and will forever be grateful for the ways she has empowered my life.”
Mary Dokos

Session details:
90 minutues
In Person

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