Your womb is a sacred container for your creativity and personal power. Energetic imprints from past experiences or trauma can become trapped in your womb preventing you from conceiving a child, realizing your fullest creative potential, and manifesting your dreams.

As an internationally recognised Rite of the Womb practitioner, I’ll guide you to experience a deep meditation process and shamanic healing to discover what’s blocking you, release it and reawaken your innate power to create new life.

  • Receive a foot soak with aromatherapy oils to prepare for your healing process
  • Create positive change with a powerful meditation
  • Receive Reiki and the Rite of the Womb to release what no longer serves you
  • Discover how to align to your sacred rhythms through personal ritual
  • Maintain the potent energy transmission with a Sacred Womb Flower Essence
  • Awaken to a new chapter of your life with the sounds of the Healing Harp


Session Testimonial

“Norma is an amazing person and a truly blessed soul. She was meant to heal people, and her kindness and light really shine through. I have been receiving Reiki from Norma for about two years now and a Sacred Womb Healing that was profoundly transformational. I highly recommend her!”
Dilara A

Session details:
90 minutes
In Person
$200 AUD

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